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Episode 1- People need to understand…

Welcome to the first episode of the Dialectic Peoples podcast. In our first episode, naturally, we introduce ourselves and our show concept. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word dialectic means:

“the art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions.”

At a time where the world has taken to the streets in protest of racism and decrying police brutality against black people, there is no shortage of widely diverging opinions, but there seems to be a surprising lack of clarity around the truth.  While no one can deny the shocking and devastating reality surrounding George Floyd’s gruesome death at the hands of police officers, the truth about racism, its root causes and systemic nature is a newfound concept for many.  For those who have joined the cause of #BlackLivesMatter in vehement protest of racism, questions about how we can most effectively win the fight remain a hotly debated topic.

In our debut episode of this podcast, we attempt to get at the central truth about protest and systemic racism, both from the American perspective and also in the context of Denmark and the local iteration of BlackLivesMatterDK.


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