Dialectic Peoples is an english-language podcast about social issues in an intercultural context. We approach discussions with a dialectic approach – meaning that our debates are conducted with the goal of finding the central truth in a topic, rather than winning an argument about an issue. The podcast is based Denmark and has an international profile.

Our Team

Kuku Agami

Kuku Agami (b. 1977) is a rapper, actor and…

Eja Klai

Eja Bent Ali Klai is a public school teacher with a background in media production. She is currently…

Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis (b. 1982) is a New York born former graffiti artist with a background in multimedia and documentary film. He holds an MA in media from The University of Copenhagen. Brandon currently teaches 10th grade English in Rødovre, Denmark, where he is also a technology and innovation teacher.